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Social Mediating: Serial adders and leaping into the Tweet+ Stream

With the introduction of Google+ and my sampling of it this week, I’ve taken a rather insane leap forward (possibly backward) in my social networking: I also joined Twitter.

Now, I may seem rather LATE to this, but actually, the pseudo-virtual (pre-Rowan) me joined twitter back when it started. I’m sure I’m still there. But outside of Stephen Fry, I got bored very quickly – mostly from dealing with the random adders. It seemed like a lot of time management that I didn’t want to change.

Little has changed. Ok, perhaps it is SLIGHTLY better in that slipping into each has been made easier by my active plurk network of people (largely avatarish). But on both Google+ and Twitter, I keep getting added by random people I don’t know… and of the two, I HATE to say it, Twitter is slightly more interesting.

While I keep getting added in both places by people who seem to want to market me either cat products or self-help books (which is frightening for many reasons), on twitter I have been quickly picked up by some interesting art-and-design-related feeds. And in just a few days, I see that side of my persona (identity?) being very present there. I really do feel much more aware of what is going on at my favourite museums, am getting to check in on the New Yorker, NYTimes Arts, Juxtapoz, and other sources which I normally have to bounce all over to check, if I remember.

And for me, the beauty of the net has always been getting and sharing cool information (and through that, meeting cool people from all over who share my interests). Day I say it… I kinda sorta like Twitter now? YIKES! I am struggling to read some of the posts though, I’m not down with all the jargon, and I’m not sure I want to be. However, the whole reason I’ve actually made this leap is because I DO like to be up on technology, and like it or not, it is a good way to disseminate my work.

Back to Google+… I like the interface, it seems to have grabbed the best parts of Facebook. However… when I get a friend request on FB, it is 99% of the time from someone I actually know, or HAVE known. On google I keep getting put into random people’s circles, and I’m still trying to figure out the mechanics of this.

Just now, if I don’t know you, you get blocked. But apparently, blocked people can still read anything I put up publicly. So Brad the cat guy and Kevin Thomas (“’bout me..i’m 15..nd..i ❤ 2 love…feel free to be ma frend..seachin 4 ur luv…”) can still read anything I don’t lock down. Ew. Not liking that.

But here is the worst part. I have now found myself bouncing around between all these various sites a LOT in the past few days, from a combination of interest and trying to figure them out, which is fine, that will settle… but ALSO from managing all these new adds, many of which I don’t want. And that will be the thing that makes me mental.

I don’t want – nor can I afford – to spend a ton of time mediating my social media. I welcome any tips for those savvier than me on how you cope.


2 comments on “Social Mediating: Serial adders and leaping into the Tweet+ Stream

  1. Nyx
    July 15, 2011

    Friendbinder has been really useful in organizing streams – and allows you to merge individual’s profile’s from different services eg/ Flickr, Twitter & blog rss

  2. Ragamuffin Kips
    July 15, 2011

    I think the G+/FB thing will eventually tip one way of the other, but this could take some time. These both seem to be huge overarching, comprehensive attempts at macro-social networking, not niche-oriented narrower apps like LinkedIn. So I think eventually, like MySpace vs. Facebook, one will prevail en mas. I think it’s way to early to tell which will dominate, but it seems logical that it’ll come to that at some point.
    Twitter is an entirely different app. It took me awhile to get a true handle on it, but it’s not designed to COmmunicate so much as it is to gain access to a lot of varied information extremely quickly. While the vast majority of this is pedestrian, ego-driven crap, if you choose who you follow carefully, it’s an extremely useful tool. It’s very deep in terms of uses, and much of its significance reveals itself with time and use.

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