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RADIO DAYS: an Homage to AM Radio

RADIO DAYS opens Friday May 20th, 3-4 and 6-8pm SLT

I love when a good idea blossoms and grows.

This one began when I asked the incredibly talented Stephen Venkman to mount a small exhibit of his work at the newly expanded RoHaus. I was happy for him to display whatever he wished, and in the wake of the announcement that AM Radio would be closing his IDIA sims within 6 months, he asked if he could show photographs of these beautiful and popular spaces.

Being both a fan and friend of AM’s, I loved the idea (links to the 2-part Ekphrasis on AM are in the sidebar). Stephen and I then decided to invite two other brilliant photographers who I knew were planning a return to the IDIA sims on photographic adventures – PJ Trenton and Raven Haalan. Both accepted, and a group show was born.

Then, PJ and I started talking about our love for AM’s work, and he started showing me these amazing items that he’d collected over the years – the majority of which AM gave away for free. It occurred to me then that it would be fantastic to have an exhibit of these works to coincide with the group show.

So I put on my Avalon Art Curator hat and chatted with Tricia Aferdita about the possibility of the town sponsoring the exhibit, to make it big enough to include AM’s work. We’d already been brainstorming an exhibit for the Town Hall; however this one would require an open space, as PJ and I (co-curating) wanted to display the pieces in and around one of AM’s cozy houses PJ had picked up along the way. Luckily the parcel next to RoHaus had been recently vacated, and Tricia loved the idea as well. So again it grew…

When my lovely neighbours Amber Eyre and Bumble Parx caught wind of what was going on (very noticeable as the wheat fields popped up, and incredibly detailed cars lined the street of Magna Carta), they excitedly asked if they could be involved. Each have put up their own small exhibits, and this gave me another idea – why not invite the town to join in?

So I’ve now invited the residents and business owners to put up their own AM Radio homages if they like, and I’ll make LM’s available at the exhibit.

Now, I’ve been told by Raven that some friends NOT based in Avalon are interested in doing something similar. There is a LOT of love for AM and his work. And I’ve been chatting with Ceejay Writer, who is keen on the idea of a blog where people can share their AM Radio memories. I’d love to hear from others who would like to be involved, and we can see what happens.

I should mention, AM does know about all this, and has given both his blessing and support in providing some additional pieces for the show. But he’s a humble guy, and probably a bit non-plussed to all this. As well, I don’t want this to seem like some memorial, but rather a celebration of his work. He has a huge fan base for a reason, and when his work leaves, SL will be the lesser for it. Quiet, Far Away – but never forgotten.

The blossoming of this idea is a testament to the fantastically creative friends I have – most notably AM! – as well as the generous spirit of the Avalon community. Thanks to everyone who has been supportive in putting this together.

RADIO DAYS opens Friday (the 20th); European preview at 3pm, and official opening from 6-8 SLT @ RoHaus and around Avalon Town. Hope to see you there.


One comment on “RADIO DAYS: an Homage to AM Radio

  1. 1920sberlin
    September 27, 2011

    I LOVE AM RADIO his sims, they are awesome and what SL is all about, for me anyway; creating atmosphere and experiences.
    I heard the sims are now gone, what a shame.
    Once in a while you see sims that should never disappear, AM Radio’s place was one of those.
    LL should have a top secret comity that checks out sims and picks a few for a top secret list called; “If they are about to die, we will adopt them”.

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