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Majillis Al Jinn

Majillis Al Din: Sands of Time, created by Calein Flux.

Opened just last week, Majillis Al Jinn: Sands of Time is a stunning new build that was a year in the making. A Palace sits at the heart of this stunning island, but there is much more to explore, with secret treasure troves above and below ground. While the talented creator Calein Flux only spent about a week making the actual structure, he has spent the better part of a year, off and on, making the gorgeous textures which adorn this Middle Eastern fantasy.

Looking down on the centre court at Calein's wonderful geometry.

“I wanted it to look like it could really exist as a building, so had to obey rules of architecture… and it was fun working out all the gemoetry for it too,” he tells me as he gives me a tour of the place, which he kindly offered to do after catching me bellydancing in the exotic inner sanctum (I couldn’t help myself, the sounds and sights required it!). In fact, his favourite spot is at the very centre of the palace, looking up at his exquisitely finished ceilings, because he “likes the sense of scale.”

Throne room, with a self-portrait sculpture of Calein Flux.

“Where almost everyone has chosen to do a european fantasy, I chose to do an Arabian fantasy… but not just that, a mix of things that inspire me. I got so fed up of visiting places in SL, and they looked kind of interesting from the outside but inside there was nothing but empty rooms. I wanted some more depth.”

This he has achieved through the use of his own high-end textures, and an attention to detail that gives this exotic palace a cozy, sensual feel.
The decor is what one might expect with oriental rugs, cushions, braziers, and the like; but it also includes an array of wonderful coffee pots, ceramics, metalwork, sculptures, and my personal favourite, Calein’s own hand-drawn frescos on the walls. The overall effect is a wonderful, eclectic Oriental fusion that would make Edward Said’s head spin!

The atmosphere is very romantic – quite suitable for a sensual evening – however it is also a spiritual place that at times feels more temple than palace. Clearly this is what Calein intended, as he reveals when he tells me of the origins of the name: “Majillis is Arabic (western script) for ‘the gathering’ or the congress.. or even ‘the seat’; and jinn in Arabic is a kind of magical spirit… so it means ‘the seat of the spirit’ or the gathering of the spirits.”

A Guardian in the Inner Court

And there is more to come too! A work in progress, Calein has an ever changing vision, and was kind enough to show me a secret chamber he was working on – which I shall not spoil for your future visits. I will say, however, that it continues the masterpiece of his stunning Arabic fantasy perfectly.

View of the Island at Sunset

Photos by PJ Trenton.

See all of PJ Trenton’s wonderful photos of Majillis Al Jinn at his flickr page.






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