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A Noob with a View

Dear Reader…

At just over 60 days, I would be considered by many to still be a noob.  In fact, my noobness can be easily seen when trying to do simple things like using a dance ball, or flying.  Yeah, I still really, really suck at flying.

But because I am not one to do things by halves, and am a fast learner (this not being my first foray into a virtual world), I dove right in and had a fairly sophisticated look after about three weeks.  Plus, I’m a slave to good fashion, and now, good textures.

And so it was I began getting the very flattering question ‘Are you and ALT?’ with regularity.  I am not.  My rez day is 7 Dec. 2009, and I’d never been to SL before.  But I have been very lucky in those I met along the way… and before I get too ancient, I want to record my adventures from what I like to call my cartoon days of SL, up through the present and on…

So for now at least, this blog shall be named ‘The Noob ALTernative’.  A certain intrepid photographer (who has become a very dear friend, but shall remain nameless now until his story unfolds) suggested I call this ‘The ALTernative Noob’, which I liked, but upon reflecting I think suggests that I am in fact an ALT.  Thus, I offer you, dear reader, the Noob ALTernative… because you don’t REALLY have to go for 6 months or more wearing clothes from Noob Island and doing the typing animation wherever you go.

Let us go then, you and I…

The Author reminiscing on her Noob days...


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